In order of preference:

  • How you can support me
  • How the user community (including me) can support you
  • How I can support you personally

Me First

Weathermap is a spare-time project for me. I put a fair amount of my own time and effort into writing the program, and then a whole bunch more into writing the manual and other documentation and supporting Weathermap users – easily into the thousands of hours in total over the years. Annual costs for tool licenses, and hosting the website + forum run to about $300/year. If you find my software saves you time or money, I’m happy to accept donations or gifts! (see the bottom of this page)

Equally, if you work for a large organisation, please consider the time saved, and your IT budget. If Weathermap saves you a couple of days of work, or enables a service you could otherwise not run or support as well, consider what a few days of outside consultancy would have cost you to do the same.

Finally, I’d love to be able to name some of my user’s organisations – if you work for a ‘big name’ that uses Weathermap, allowing me to mention that on the site would be great, either as a simple “XYZ uses weathermap” or something more interesting. I know from my logs that there are plenty of those types of users around..

User Community

There is a fairly large community of Weathermap users in several places. The largest is currently the Network Weathermap board over on the Cacti forums. This site also has its own forum, which I’m trying to grow. Finally there is the old weathermap mailing list, now on Google Groups, if you like it old skool.

Secondly, I would still like to grow the developer community for Weathermap. It’s pretty much a one man band at the moment, but that will hopefully change!

Personal Support

I would say that I don’t do personal support, but that’s not quite true. If you have a special requirement, or need ongoing support or development of anything special or exclusive, please let me know and we can probably come to some arrangement. Generally, you will get a better response on either of the forums, or the mailing list for simple queries, as there are other people who answer there, too. Also, other people will benefit from the response, so there’s a growing knowledge base.

Contact Me

For any other reasons though, I’d be interested to hear from you, and how you are using Weathermap. What monitoring software do you use it
with (MRTG, Cacti, NRG etc?), what scale of mapping is it (10s, 100s, 1000s of devices), and are your maps public? Also, would you mind your use of the software being publicly known? (I consider any e-mail to be confidential by default, just to be clear).


Thanks to those of you that have contributed to the project over the years – either with code, other help, or gifts of some kind.

  • Network-i (and subsequently Virtustream), who released me from my IPR constraints, enabling Weathermap to be open-sourced.
  • GroundWork Open Source
  • Travis Johnson and Microserv ComputerTechnologies
  • Angelo Estela and Stellar Consulting
  • Dan Rich
  • Graham (aka CPF)
  • Marius Catrangiu
  • Piotr Okupski
  • StarLog
  • Takahiro Masuda
  • Bryan Seiz
  • Paul Nielsen and iturasec
  • Dunc
  • Anthony A


There’s also Paypal. And Patreon and Github Sponsors if you like those kinds of things. There aren’t really any perks though.