Sponsorship, and (still) progress

Two items of news:

  1. Several people have asked, so you can now sponsor me (and weathermap development) via Github if you’d like to. For the first year, Github will match any donation too, which is very nice of them. I have specifically limited it to ‘buy a coffee/beer’ size of donations. Which leads to…
  2. There is still weathermap development. I just noticed that the last post here about it was that the Cacti 1.x version was dead. Since then I’ve been doing work as I planned to get Weathermap 1.0 working with Cacti 0.8.8. Mark Brugnoli-vinten of the Cacti dev team has kindly volunteered to get that updated to a “new-style” Cacti 1.x plugin and maintain it. It will be a more traditional UI, so anyone who has been playing with the React-based version in github, that’s basically a dead-end. This work is going slowly (see all previous posts about that), but it is moving forward! (there’s a separate branch on github for it)

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