Weathermap 0.98a released (NO, not that one)

I’ve been sitting on this to gather feedback from testers, and I haven’t had anything negative for a while, so here is Weathermap 0.98a. The previous version has hit around 32000 downloads – so thanks for your continued interest in this transition period!


This is basically Weathermap 0.98, updated to remove dependencies on the old mysql_ database functions, so that it’ll work with PHP 7, and also a few other bugfixes that are currently in 1.x dev code, but easy to replicate in the older code.

The other big difference, for some people anyway, is that it’s now MIT licensed. This should help out a few folks with either integration or corporate legal hassles.

3 thoughts on “Weathermap 0.98a released (NO, not that one)

  1. Andy

    Hi Howard.
    Nice to see you have managed to clean things up a bit for others before you sunset this project.

    I have just tried this new version.
    Running ./weathermap on its own successfully provides the test map without issues. And the check.php script shows YES/OK for both the browser and on the command line.

    I successfully configured a map, added two routers, and added a link.
    I then configured the link’s data source to point to the full location of the .RRD file (generated by Observium).

    However when I run the weathermap script I see this error;
    php ./weathermap –config configs/4d.conf –output 4d.png –htmloutput 4d.html
    Cannot load Zend OPcache – it was already loaded
    WARNING: configs/4d.conf: RRD ReadData: At least one of your DS names (traffic_in and traffic_out) were not found, even though there was a valid data line. Maybe they are wrong? Valid DS names in this file are: INOCTETS,OUTOCTETS,INERRORS,OUTERRORS,INUCASTPKTS,OUTUCASTPKTS,INNUCASTPKTS,OUTNUCASTPKTS,INDISCARDS,OUTDISCARDS,INUNKNOWNPROTOS,INBROADCASTPKTS,OUTBROADCASTPKTS,INMULTICASTPKTS,OUTMULTICASTPKTS, [WMRRD06]
    WARNING: configs/4d.conf: ReadData: LINK THN-BBR-1-MER-BBR-1, target: /opt/observium/rrd/thn-bbr-1/port-169.rrd on config line 54 of configs/4d.conf had no valid data, according to WeatherMapDataSource_rrd

    The target “/opt/observium/rrd/thn-bbr-1/port-169.rrd” is the correct location, and is a valid rrd as produced by Observium’s poller?

    Do I need to change the weathermap script to look for one of the indexes provided by Observium?

    The rrd command used by Observium to read this is;
    /usr/bin/rrdtool graph –daemon unix:/var/run/rrdcached.sock /tmp/fcCw2cFXonTWOGWD.png -Y –alt-autoscale –rigid –start 1557741463 –end 1557827863 –width 1152 –height 300 -c BACK#EEEEEE00 -c SHADEA#EEEEEE00 -c SHADEB#EEEEEE00 -c FONT#000000 -c CANVAS#FFFFFF00 -c GRID#a5a5a5 -c MGRID#FF9999 -c FRAME#5e5e5e -c ARROW#5e5e5e -R normal –font LEGEND:8:’DroidSansMono,DejaVuSansMono’ –font AXIS:7:’DroidSansMono,DejaVuSansMono’ –font-render-mode normal -E COMMENT:’Bits/s Last Avg Max 95th \n’ DEF:outoctets=thn-bbr-1/port-169.rrd:OUTOCTETS:AVERAGE DEF:inoctets=thn-bbr-1/port-169.rrd:INOCTETS:AVERAGE DEF:outoctets_max=thn-bbr-1/port-169.rrd:OUTOCTETS:MAX DEF:inoctets_max=thn-bbr-1/port-169.rrd:INOCTETS:MAX CDEF:alloctets=outoctets,inoctets,+ CDEF:wrongin=alloctets,UN,INF,UNKN,IF CDEF:wrongout=wrongin,-1,* CDEF:octets=inoctets,outoctets,+ CDEF:doutoctets=outoctets,-1,* CDEF:outbits=outoctets,8,* CDEF:outbits_max=outoctets_max,8,* CDEF:doutoctets_max=outoctets_max,-1,* CDEF:doutbits=doutoctets,8,* CDEF:doutbits_max=doutoctets_max,8,* CDEF:inbits=inoctets,8,* CDEF:inbits_max=inoctets_max,8,* CDEF:highbits=inoctets,outoctets,MAX,8,* VDEF:95thhigh=highbits,95,PERCENT VDEF:totin=inoctets,TOTAL VDEF:totout=outoctets,TOTAL VDEF:tot=octets,TOTAL VDEF:95thin=inbits,95,PERCENT VDEF:95thout=outbits,95,PERCENT CDEF:pout_tmp=doutbits,-1,* VDEF:dpout_tmp=pout_tmp,95,PERCENT CDEF:dpout_tmp2=doutbits,doutbits,-,dpout_tmp,-1,*,+ VDEF:d95thout=dpout_tmp2,FIRST AREA:inbits_max#C4E5AC: AREA:inbits#84BB5C LINE1.25:inbits#357F44:’In ‘ GPRINT:inbits:LAST:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:inbits:AVERAGE:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:inbits_max:MAX:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:95thin:%6.2lf%s\n AREA:doutbits_max#ACC2E5: AREA:doutbits#7394CB LINE1.25:doutbits#284C7F:’Out’ GPRINT:outbits:LAST:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:outbits:AVERAGE:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:outbits_max:MAX:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:95thout:%6.2lf%s\n HRULE:95thhigh#FF0000:’Highest’ GPRINT:95thhigh:%30.2lf%s\n GPRINT:tot:’Total %6.2lf%s’ GPRINT:totin:'(In %6.2lf%s’ GPRINT:totout:’Out %6.2lf%s)\l’ AREA:wrongin#FFF2F2 AREA:wrongout#FFF2F2

    Thanks again for your work. Andy.

  2. Andy

    Hi again,

    I found this page in the manual;
    This explains how to change the DS sources which is great. So I changed the TARGET line to pick up the Observium/OpenNMS specific DS types.

    The script ‘php ./weathermap –config configs/4d.conf –debug’ was showing some issues as I also needed the package “php-snmp” to be installed.
    After installing the missing package the script is working, and I now have a working network weather-map finally 🙂

    Thanks, A


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