13 Years Old!

13 years ago today, the first version of what became PHP Network Weathermap was released… it was a series of versions in Perl, adding functionality to the GRNET Weathermap. After a few of those, and getting tired of explaining how to build CPAN modules, I started re-writing the whole thing in PHP, initially before the Cacti Plugin Architecture existed, as a standalone script sometime in April 2005. Sadly, it looks like the Cacti Forums have had some database corruption over the years, so posts that old seem to be missing.

2 thoughts on “13 Years Old!

  1. Harald

    my company is currently monitoring all network switch with Cacti and Network Weathermap. We have setup 25 Servers with thousands of Switchports and it works great.
    I´m missing s news on Cacti 1 and Weathermap, a roadmap or whatever.
    And I want sto say Thank you for your job till now on the Network Weathermap

  2. G1

    Thanks, and keep up the good job!

    I think you can shed a tear think about the effort but I guess the outcome is quite a satisfaction.

    In the name of all the community: Thank you!


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