Site and project updates

First of all, apologies for the slow progress, but the “obstacles”* in my life that have been slowing things down are clearing up. The website has a temporary new look, after the previous theme I’ve been using seems to have dramatically changed between updates. This one happens to also match better with the other new change: a forum!

It’s rather empty at the moment. This is supposed to be the worst way to launch a forum, but I can’t see a way around that. I really wanted to have somewhere for people to talk about their weathermap issues that wasn’t necessarily dependent on Cacti. I know lots of Weathermap users are not Cacti user. I also wanted somewhere better than Github Issues to discuss and dissect problems, before they become specific issues on Github. Also, somewhere to try and grow some development community. I’ve been having good discussions about this with some folks recently, and there some great early work by Martin over there about getting going with development stuff.

So progress should speed up a bit for what I’ve decided to call Weathermap 1.0.0 which will have Cacti 1.x (and Cacti 0.8.8) compatibility. Thanks to those who are hitting me with bug reports and even the odd pull request!

And I’m looking forward to the next release after that being hopefully from a group…

* Please don’t tell my new wife I said that!

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