Cacti 1.0 and Weathermap

Cacti 1.0 was released a few days ago, and with it, a new plugin API. Weathermap (even from github) doesn’t currently work with Cacti 1.0. Unfortunately, at least from a first look, it also seems that it’s not possible to easily have a plugin that supports both Cacti 0.8.x and Cacti 1.x. The Cacti Group’s own plugins have made a clean break, with new versions only supporting 1.0. I think it will be a while before everyone moves to 1.0 (personally I avoid version x.0 of anything, especially with such big internal changes), and that it’s unfair that to get new Weathermap features (or fixes!), you’d need to upgrade Cacti too. So I want to continue supporting 0.8.x with new versions also, at least until Weathermap is also settled down again. With PDO, and PHP 7 support, and the changes related to code improvement, I’d hope that even if I decide to stop supporting Cacti 0.8.x, someone else could continue, after that point.

After a very busy new year, I’m back to thinking about Weathermap again, and will be finishing off the changes for PDO and PHP 7.0 soon. Once that version is released, then I’ll look at Cacti 1.0. It’s likely that Weathermap will be broken into multiple downloads: a ‘core’ with the actual map functionality and probably the CLI, and then a series of extra downloads to provide the editor, Cacti 0.8.x plugin, Cacti 1.x plugin, standalone web app, and LibreNMS plugin. You would download the core plus whichever of the other features you actually need. To get both Cacti versions working, something like this is necessary, and users of other systems don’t need any of that code cluttering up their installation.

There is (as far as I know) one remaining set of failing tests before the next release – all related to colourising icons, and transparency.

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  1. Howard Post author

    Yes – thanks to some work generously done by Cigamit of the Cacti Team, there should be a Cacti 1.0 plugin for the next release after all. I think I have a plugin that works with both 0.8.8 and 1.0.x too – that needs more testing, but seems to be working for me.

    I’m getting married in a month, and renovating parts of two different houses (one is finally done – the other is my office), so time is short at the moment. I will try to get some time to keep it moving!

    1. Jason Kack

      Awesome for you getting married and i want to take the time to tell you how awesome you are. network Weathermap is the best plugin by far for cacti and yiou made my life so much more simple many times throughout the year. To personally thank you even more please send me an email with your preference of an item on your amazon wishlist or if you simply prefer a paypal donation.
      People like you make people like us look better. Keep being awesome and best wishes for your wedding.

  2. Evan

    Cant wait for the weathermap release that’s compatible with cacti 1.0, keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. SHLelieveld

    Hello Cacti Developer/supporter,

    We are a month since the last mark and I noticed that the cacti version of my system is also upgraded to 1.x
    So I would like to have the weathermap plugin working again as soon as it is available.
    We are not big users of a lot of maps or so. So I think we are not very helpfull for testing purposes, but if you think otherwise contact me so I might be of some assistance.


  4. Welly Hartanto

    Hi Howard, thanks a lot for the works you’ve done!
    Waiting for the updates for Cacti 1.x
    …meanwhile, May your lives continue to grow in love and happiness together!

  5. Howard Post author

    When it is working! Most of the things that have been soaking up my spare time (house stuff, wedding stuff) are done now, so it should speed up. You can follow on github in the database-refactor branch.

  6. Jackie

    Congratulations on your marriage! So happy for you…wishing you a long and happy life together!
    Thanks so much for all your work on the weathermap code. It is so flexible and powerful, we rely on it heavily. Looking forward to the new release compatible with Cacti 1.x.

  7. Kevin N

    Hello Howard!
    Congrats on your marriage and other life changes!
    I’m excited to include the new Weathermap in my Cacti appliance as it has been a great plugin. Look forward to news and improvements.

  8. Greg Jank

    Hy Howard!

    Grat on your marrige, and wishing you a happy life!
    But my bosses nagging me about the new weathermap. Any idea when will it finished?

      1. Acontios

        I just upgraded my Cacti install (in fact, I was forced to because I was running such an oudated version that Debian 9 wouldnt let me run Cacti :-)), and like everyone, saw that with 1.1.11 (yuk, upgraded a day before .12 release), no weathermap. World is collapsing under my feets 🙂

        So, no, I’ll not ask “when will it be available”, even if the question burns my lips, but just saying: good luck with the remains of that github list. Hope that my (numerous) maps will come back online soon 🙂

  9. Anis Momin

    HI Howard,

    HOw things coming along with weathermap? Hope you had a wonderful wedding.. I never got the chance to play with weathermap… even couldn’t get it working with old version for some reason,,,,,
    Can’t wait for it to be ready for cacti 1.1.6


  10. Kevin N

    Hello Howard,
    I’m sure you have been super busy with everything this summer. Any thoughts timing of an update? or perhaps some instructions on how to get the existing version to run on cacti 1.x? I have seen a couple posts where people have it going with only minor issues.

    1. Howard Post author

      I’m working on it! I am trying to find a way to get it done so that I am not wasting time on Cacti specifically – if I am going to have to rewrite the web interface, I’m doing it so that users of other NMS can use it too.

      1. Acontios

        Waiting for it 🙂

        I am running it separately, using my old conf file, and manually updating it when needed. Ouch thats pain in the a** 🙂

        Good luck with that !

  11. Joel B.

    Hey Howard
    It’s a GREAT JOB you did the last few years, Wheatermap is truly one of the best plug-ins for cacti
    Even if im a Little Late, congrats to your Marriage and good luck in Future ^^
    I’m Looking forward to coming releases, Take the Time you need and don’t get upset by people who don’t value the work you do.. 🙂
    Greetings from switzerland and good luck with your Work

  12. ahuber

    Hello Howard
    The weathermap plugin is very useful. I thought I’d chime in to tell you that. I have not upgraded Cacti because the version i have works with Weathermap. I will not update until weathermap works. I look forward to a great quality upgrade. Thanks Howie

  13. Daniel

    Hello Howard,

    Just wanted to tell you that the weathermap plugin is great and that i cannot wait for it to work on cacti 1.0


  14. Daniel

    Hello Howard,

    Just wanted to let you know that the weathermap plugin is great and i cannot wait for it to be released on 1.0.


      1. Renaud

        As already said, “…Take the Time you need and don’t get upset by people who don’t value the work you do.. 🙂…”

        Best Regards.

        Renaud from Belgium

      2. Vijay A.

        you are doing excellent job.
        i must tell you your ” fun ” makes many people life easy.

        Vijay A.

  15. Alex

    With all this demand, you’d think someone would hop in and help you @Howard? Hehe

    I would if I could.

    Keep up the great work!

  16. d

    keep up the good work
    really hoping v 1.x is supported by end of july or august, i really miss that feature

  17. jhonnyx


    I hope everything is OK with you, I read that you had plans to find some time this month to make WM working in CACTI 1.x.

    Do you think that’s going to be for real ? or any other time this year?

    Just asking because I would like to integrate your maps in a project where I have CACTI 1.x before I hand it over

  18. Cobus

    Hello Howard,

    has the version of weather-map been released that is compatible with the new cacti version 1.1?

  19. Maxime

    Hello Howard.

    Have you a visibility for the coding progress of Weathermap 1.x ?

    Thanks a lot.


  20. EDU

    Cacti v 1.2.0 is here …
    Weathermap was a project with a huge community behind it.

    So my mistake www to act just as a consumer… Now I Realice I have to be involved if I want progress.

    Thanks Howard for your effort. Its time to start a branch.

  21. Veasna

    May I know if there any update of weathermap for cacti 1.1.38 version.
    I have tried with many plugin, non of them work!
    Please help!


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