New Users should start here.

Documentation Guide

New in 0.97b, there is a Security Notes section that you should read.

There are several sections, including Introduction, Installation, The Basics, FAQ, Reference, and Advanced Topics. There are seperate pages for the Cacti Plugin, and for the optional web-based editor. There is also a reference page for all the error codes that Weathermap can produce, with an explanation, and another reference for the built-in datasource plugins.

For existing users, there's an overview to the changes from the previous version, and a guide to upgrading.

There are also a growing number of articles at about specific tricks and techniques for making your own maps, including animation, non-network maps and more!

What I'm trying to say is RTFM, but in a more polite way! :-) I put a fair amount of my own time and effort into writing the program, and then a whole bunch more into writing the manual and other documentation - more than a thousand hours by now. I also spend my spare time supporting Weathermap users [I'm one of the all-time most active users on the Cacti forums], but a lot of questions asked are answered in the manual, or worse still, in the FAQ section. Please take a look.

Visual Guides

If you are more visually-minded, like me, then the following might also help:

Diagram explaining a lot of the basic map formatting commands. Look in the Configuration Reference for more information on the commands mentioned.
Larger version | PDF version

Sample output from php-weathermap, using data collected by Cacti and MRTG.
Larger version

This is from the Example Map section of the manual.